Florida is the most south-eastern state in the USA and is located on a peninsula (surrounded on three sides by water). Nicknamed 'the Sunshine state', it is famous for its palm trees and hot climate (with average July temperatures of about 32oC).

Whilst Florida is a very flat state with no mountains, it does have a very long coastline with lots of beaches, such as Miami Beach and Palm Beach where people like sunbathing and surfing. At the southernmost tip of Florida is a chain of 4,500 islands called the Florida Keys which are also popular holiday destinations.

South Beach 20080315

The Everglades National Park is located in south Florida. It is mostly covered in swamp lamp and lots of animals like: the American alligator, Florida panther and the manatee live there.


Orlando is a large city located in the centre of Florida and is where many theme parks have been built, including: Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld. Tourism is the largest industry in Florida, with over 60 million people visiting each year.

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

The Kennedy Space Centre, where many NASA space flights have been launched, is also a popular attraction.

Space Shuttle Columbia launching