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United States of America

The United States of America is located on the continent of North America and is split up into 50 states, along with several island territories across the world.

The USA's flag is made up of 50 stars (representing these states) and 13 stripes (representing the 13 original British colonies that existed until the Declaration of Independence was signed on 4th July 1776 and the country of the USA was formed).

The national anthem of the USA is called The Star-Spangled Banner and its currency is the US dollar ($), which is divided into 100 smaller units called cents.


The capital city of the USA is Washington, D.C., its national bird is the bald eagle and its national flower is the rose. The population of the USA is approximately 314,065,000 people, with most speaking English.

Since the country is so large, it covers several time zones:


Typical food eaten in the USA includes: hamburgers, frieds, hot dogs and apple pies. Popular sports include: baseball, basketball and American football, all of which have national competition leagues.

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Most children start Kindergarten at the age of 5, before then moving into elementary school the following year. They then progress up through grades one to five with their class and then move into a middle school at the age of 11. The school year begins in late August and ends in late May, with the summer recess (holiday) lasting about 12 weeks.

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