The Seasons

There are seasonal changes in the UK's weather because the Earth is tilted as it orbits the Sun:
  • Winter is the coldest season. The days are short and it gets dark very early. There is snow and frost. Plants strop growing and trees are bare of leaves. Some animals like sheep grow thick coats to help them keep warm. Other animals hibernate all winter. People wear warm clothes and spend most of their time indoors.
Winter morning US
  • In spring, the days grow longer and warmer. Buds appear on the trees, bulbs flower and plants begin to flower again. Birds that have spent the winter in warmer countries: return, build their nests and lay their eggs. Animals look for mates and have their babies. People do more things outside again in the warmer weather.
Frühling blühender Kirschenbaum
  • Summer is the hottest and sunniest season. The days are long it does not get dark until late. Everything grows well. Flowers bloom, fruit ripens on the trees and crops ripen in the fields. There is plenty for birds and animals to eat. People spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine. Many of them go on holiday to places such as the seaside.
Field Hamois Belgium Luc Viatour
  • In autumn, the days begin to get shorter and colder. Plants stop flowering and leaves begin to fall from the trees in the windy weather. There is plenty of fruit and berries on the trees and bushes. The crops are harvested and the fields are ploughed. Many animals and farmers store food for the winter months. Some birds fly away to warmer countries.
Hapgood Pond - Flickr - USDAgov