Environmental Issues at Seaside Resorts

Although seaside resorts are popular with tourists, some people do have issues with them:
  • in St Ives, it can be very expensive to park in the centre of town and many of the narrow streets can get congested with cars easily;
  • in Tenby, there has been a lot of complaints about new houses being built near the beach because many feel that they spoil the natural scenery;
  • in Brighton, litter dropped on the beach: looks horrible, attracts noisy seagulls and can harm wildlife;
  • in Newquay, there are many second-homes which are left empty during the winter and make the resort become a deserted 'ghost' town.
westpier brighton 2002

Many resorts are trying to improve their facilities though to keep tourists coming whilst pleasing the local residents at the same time:
  • Blackpool has re-developed its promenade to make it safer and more attractive;
  • Weymouth has set up a park-and-ride facility following the 2012 Olympics so people can park their car outside town and get a free bus to the seafront instead.
  • Southwold has set up a loyalty card for people who buy things from the local shops;
  • the Marine Conversation Society has organised regular 'beach clean-ups' in many resorts for people to join in with;
  • Cornwall have created a new tax which people must pay if they leave their second homes empty for too long.
Weymouth Park And Ride_Optare Versa_YJ60 KFX

Each year, UK beaches are also awarded flags to show how clean they are. Blue flag beaches are the cleanest and have the best water quality.