Every year, over 600,000 tonnes of fish are caught off the coast of the UK. They include:

Large fishing fleets may have a factory ship which cleans and freezes the fish. This means the fleet can stay out at sea longer and catch more. Modern ships use echo-sounding to trace fish shoals (groups). A beam of sound is sent down into the water and then echoes back off the fish. A computer detects where the echo comes from.

Fishing boats in Newlyn Harbour - - 1109544

If fishermen catch too many fish, there will not be enough left in the seas for the future. This is called overfishing. To avoid it they:
  • use nets with large holes so that young fish can escape and breed;
  • are only allowed to catch their limited 'quota' of fish or spend a limited number of days a year fishing;
  • breed their own fish in fish farms.

Fish Farm on Loch Garasdale - - 733733

Different people have different attitudes towards fishing:
  • divers and tourists like looking at fish swimming;
  • animal rights groups argue that farmed fish are over-fed and don't develop properly;
  • fishermen say that quotas are lowering the amount of money they can make from selling fish so are damaging their livelihoods.