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Spanish Life

Because of the heat, there is no school in the afternoon and shops close down for a long rest called a siesta before coming alive again in the evening.

Spanish families do a lot together and meals are important times for them. They eat at lunchtime and late in the evening, around sunset.

People in different parts of Spain enjoy different kinds of food:
  • Eastern Spain is known for paella - rice served with: fish, meat, pepper and beans.
  • In northern Spain, meals include: sardines, lobster, tuna, pork and lamb.
  • In southern Spain, people enjoy: cold soups, barbecued meats, squid, olives, figs, melons and oranges.
Paella de marisco 01

Patatas Bravas is also a popular dish, which is fried, diced potatoes served with a spicy sauce. Tapas are small side orders which are shared with friends whilst out drinking.

It is customary to kiss: friends, family, and acquaintances on both cheeks upon seeing each other and saying goodbye.

Spaniards enjoy lots of sports like: tennis, cycling, golf and all kinds of watersports (especially in the fast-flowing mountain rivers of the Pyrenees). Bullfighting is a popular sport, though many people think it is cruel.

Most Spanish people are Roman Catholics. Important saints' days are celebrated with fiestas (festivals) when there are big processions with dancing and music.

Regional dances and music are extremely important. The Flamenco is a gypsy dance from Andalusia which involves the clapping of wooden castanets whilst dancing along to guitar music and songs. Song subjects range from death to romance and humour.