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Landmarks in Italy

Many tourists like to visit Italy. Popular attractions and places to see include:
  • the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is over 800 years old and which has 294 steps to climb to reach the top;
Tower of Pisa
  • Milan which is famous for the many fashion designers who work there and the many shops which sell their clothes;
Kép-Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (Milan)3
  • the open-air theatre in Verona which is famous for the opera shows that are performed in it;
20110719 Verona Arena Opera Aida 2972
  • the Amalfi coastline with its rugged cliffs and beautiful beaches;
Positano-Amalfi Coast-Italy
  • the ruins of Pompeii - a Roman town which was destoyed by a volcanic eruption in 79AD.
  • the pretty towns and harbours around Lake Garda;
  • the art and architecture in the old town of Florence.