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Food and Drink in Italy

Many Italian families enjoy eating together and often eat out in the evenings, such as in cafes in public squares.

LA Piazzetta

Popular Italian dishes include:
  • spaghetti Bololgnese with grated Parmesan cheese on top;
  • salad drizzled with olive oil;
  • Margarita pizza;
  • cold meats like Salami or Palma ham with some bread.

There are hundreds of types of pasta, and each region has its own pasta dishes and sauces. Pizzas first came from Naples but now most towns have a pizzeria.

Il Pizzaiuolo

Markets and small shops such as bakeries and butchers are still very popular in Italy because Italians like eating fresh, local food.

Ice cream is a favourite snack to eat to help cool down in the afternoon. Italy is famous for its delicious ice cream parlours which sell lots of different flavours for people to mix-and-match.

Gelato at Chocolat in Milan in 2006

Wine is a popular drink and is made from grapes grown in vineyards, such as those in the region of Tuscany. They also like to drink coffee, although cappuccinos can only be bought in the mornings.

Le Torri - harvest Trebbiano grapes in Tuscany